As I sit back and watch the night fall
Thoughts race through my mind as I look at the wall
Am I wrong for being so self-centered?
Focusing only on myself and not allowing anyone else to enter
This is my passion and I have to be better than the rest
Neglecting my friends in my pursuit to become the absolute best
They helped me become who I am they made me a better me
Here is my new writing where is your support or your simple RT?
Telling me to keep grinding hoping I come out standing tall
Or are you really praying for my downfall?
Enough about friends how is the rest of your life?
Looking at my sister behind glass I guess that's something slight
The media is still shaming blacks for standing up for what's right
There is power within our actions we should all take note
And stop turning a blind eye to things and pretending to be woke
Throwing false advice left and right just to keep up your image
Knowing that you are nothing more than just a gimmick
Crazy that you would go that far
Rather than just be the person that you are
That's life I guess
My mind becoming empty as I get these thoughts off my chest
As I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death
I wonder how much do I have left
Using the cards that I've been dealt
I won't stop until I'm one with myself