As the sunsets
And the night begins to fall
Here I am and you didn't even call
I'm the reason why your light starts to fade
Let me rain on your parade
Your happiness will never see the light of day
Years and years of sorrow are here to stay
Steering you to the point of insanity
Having you neglect your friends and family
I will make you feel hopeless
Distract you to the point that you can't focus
You may think this is just a case of the blues
Even when you think you win you lose
As your uphill battle becomes steeper
I begin to go even deeper
I now control the way you behave and think
Now this time I will make you sink
I am the manifestation of your stress
You can't defeat me even at your best
I'll make you starve yourself to death
I'll be around until you take your last breath
You think that drugs will cure your madness
I am stuck to you like a magnet
The moment you think that your life is swell
I'll be there to drag you to hell