Things are not what they used to be….

I used to be that light that is able to shine through any type of darkness….

But I have let society, relationships, and hardships cloud my judgment…..

I have allowed these things to change who I am……

I went from having a hard shell to being as soft as tissue…..

I was slowly becoming a shadow of my former self….

I began to hold my head down instead of up….

I began to doubt myself….

And with that doubt….

I began to fall from the grace….

I began to fall from the legendary status that I worked so hard to obtain….

I was falling into the abyss…..

I began to feel like I was just average…

My self-esteem was gone….

The flame that fuels my entire existence was now at the low point…

I did not know what to think…..

I felt like a doormat by allowing people to walk over me…..

I went along with what they told me and I began to fade away from my own judgement….

I needed to reestablish this flame inside me….

But how?

How was I going to get back to the old me?

I began to look at myself in the mirror…

I seen my old self…

I didn’t feel like my old self however…

So I began to sit down and meditate….

Through my meditation I began to remember my mission…..

I began to reminisce on the goals that I set for myself…..

I began to realize that in order for me to accomplish these goals, it was time for me to reestablish my strong will….

Suddenly something began to flicker inside of me…

So I began to preach to myself some more…

I began to encourage myself to do anything that I set out to do….

To block out the haters….

To block out the negativity….

To block out the doubt…..

Strive to be great….

Strive to give every last breath into all of your endeavors…..

And suddenly that flicker of flame changed into a wildfire…

I began to lift myself up from that abyss…

I looked up at the light that was shining down upon me…

Thank you for the reestablishment

I lit my path and worked my way back up to my old self.

People cannot determine who are or where you are going….

You are who you think you are!!!