Sometimes I feel like I’m not outspoken enough

In a dark room pacing back and forth

Just trying to figure out what’s next

I have many ideas and solutions

But what if they don’t work?

Doubt crosses my mind

This isn’t the first time this happened to me

11 years ago my middle school counselor told me that I wouldn’t make it

He told me that I wasn’t smart enough 

He told me that I wasn’t wise enough

That I couldn’t hang with the best

I didn’t do myself any favors

Breaking windows

Cutting class

Proving him right with every bad decision I made

Maybe he was right

I knew I could do the work

But at the time I felt lost 

I felt like I couldn’t do it

I was losing hope

I began to doubt myself and my abilities

I felt like quitting

Until one day

I decided that enough was enough

I knew that if I put my best effort forward

If I studied hard

If I worked harder than any other student

Then I would achieve my goal 

This stuck with for 11 years

I am older now but that’s the beauty of it

Different level of understanding

Different level of wisdom

Different level of confidence

Doing whatever I have to make sure that I leave a legacy behind 

My advice to you is to never doubt yourself

Never question your ability to succeed

Be resilient

Strive to great

Doubt is only a formality

It is a sense of uncertainty

Doubt is standing in a dark room

You can’t see so you are uncertain of what’s about to happen

But all you have to do is reach up

And turn on the light in that room 

And your doubt will disappear.