The Lion 🦁
Within a large habitat of animals of all colors and sizes, the lion begins to walk to the surface. The lion has an aura around it that demands respect, as the lion goes to hunt for his prey he is calculated in his approach, never giving up his position, sizing up its prey for the ultimate attack, and when he is ready the lion pounces and devours his prey with reckless abandon and feast on its remains. As the lion walks the Earth, He has experienced many different things that has made me into the powerful animal that it is today. The lion has many scars that have left many bruises on its body but has used each scar as lesson and a sense of wisdom to overcome obstacles that it has failed or has been told that it could not achieve. The lion used its fangs and grabbed that imaginary brass ring that alludes many of its counterparts and ran off with it searching for answers. Many people have doubted this lion’s abilities and even maligned its character. Those same people put this particular lion a category of an animal who lacks the knowledge to succeed in life, an animal that will never recognize their true potential. As these things were being thrown at the lion, it began to develop a hard shell, deflecting those shots of torment and despair and turning them into the fire that fuels my existence. The lion began to grow out its fangs and its long red bushy hair of wisdom. It proved those people wrong with each step it took towards my goals. The lion began to rip through the flesh of its prey with its almighty power. The lion devoured each obstacle that was put in front it by ripping of its head and harvesting the remains. The lion is now able to reap the benefits of victory.