Is this another love story?

Just sitting back thinking about how far we came

Back then nothing was the same

My memory became very tight

As it brought me back to that wonderful night

I met her in the club in a green dress

Let me tell you she stood out from all the rest

Her lip gloss glistened

Her heels was clicking

Her dress hugging her just right

Oh how nice

I sat in awe as I watched her from afar

She began to take a seat at the bar

I said to myself well here’s your chance

I walked over and said can I have this dance

She looked at me with roaming eyes

Trying to figure out if I’m her type of guy

She said is that really your best game

I said well I don’t know but your probably the type of girl that deserves a new last name

She looked back at her girlfriends and said touché

As we danced the night away


About three months past and we officially start dating

I was glad she finally gave me a chance after all the waiting

Things were finally going my way

But you know her girlfriends always got something to say

They say I’m no good for her lying about who I bang

Why can’t they just let us do our thang?

She hangs up the phone pissed off and tripping 

She definitely wanted to start flipping

Looking in the mirror asking herself is she crazy

She called me playing it off saying how’s work baby

I said well I can’t seem to get this one thing straight 

Why do I have to be the man that they all hate

I told her I will call back she said that you say that always

I hung up before she demanded that I stay

We had our ups and downs before but this was different 

She started to doubt my commitment 

As she went through my whole line

She finally figured out my lies the whole time

I really thought I would come home to her crying

But she just left and didn’t give me no sign


Now she was back in the club in her green dress

Hoping that one day she could wear a white dress

Guys approach her but she brushes them off

She just can’t get over what she loss

Too much time wasted on one man

That was the one thing that she couldn’t stand

She really thought that I was the one 

She never would’ve thought I would be for everyone

Flashing back to me and it was really a shame

I let the girl of my dreams walk out with all that pain 

I found out from one of her girlfriends that she was planning on moving back home

California was her home

My heart turned to stone

As I burst out the door trying to call her phone

She did not answer none of my calls

As I’m speeding through different cars

I began to bust on her plane

To try and talk and explain

I said can she give one chance to make it right

She went back and forth but she gave me that green light

So I rented out this place for a fancy dinner

And then we got a hotel and did things like a sinner

She asked me why did I come back being curious

I was still a little delirious

But I told her even though I met you in the club in that green dress

At first sight I could picture you in a white dress

A 20 ft white train

Two diamonds in your ring

Just to make up for all that pain

Our families on both sides giving us all the fame

Some of your girlfriends I don’t like can’t make it well that’s a shame

The wedding will be in May

Can it get any better?

We can just hope that there is good weather

We took our time to decide 

As I stood at the alter waiting for my beautiful bride

We had our honeymoon in Rome and I said I’m sorry 

As she looked up at me and asked are we just another love story?