It’s been so long since you been here. As you look up to the sky, you can see that things are changing for the good and the bad. Some have stayed loyal to you and some have abandoned you, and yet you still rise. You rise because you have learned to adapt to your surroundings. You taught yourself that there is more to the world and you are ready to break the mold. You have learned how to rise to the challenge instead of giving in to the pressure. You have learned that it is better to gain wisdom so that you will be able to spread it to the masses. You have learned to more resilient and relentless in your quest towards your goals. As you continue on your path, never forget who you are. Never forget the people who made you who you are today. Never forget the reason why you strive so hard to reach the unreachable, make your dreams a reality, and your goals into accomplishments. Life is all about growth and as you look up into the sky you are growing before your eyes. Live on and be yourself. Live like you will die tomorrow. Forgive the people who have wronged you. Provide people with happiness and relieve them of their sadness. Life is all about chances, and chances are like pictures so take more of them. Step out of your comfort zone. Some people won’t believe in your dream, and that’s okay because your dream not theirs. Always remember that progress will always lead to success, and your story is not done yet.