I’m Cal
She said hi I’m Tina

My eyes lit up when I seen her

She had a green dress on but her shoes were greener

I told her that I was an author and I’m looking for a personal reader

I know that was corny but you should have seen her.

She didn’t believe that I could walk to walk

I said let me take you on a date and make you a believer.

Sure enough a few weeks later we are so in love.

And I made sure everybody knew about us

Every date, every club, even with sex, I was showing her extra love

I even prayed that our anger wouldn’t get the best of us

But let me tell y’all one crazy thing

Every thing started to go wrong over this promise ring

I decided that I was going get her a bracelet

I already knew that she wanted that ring but I decided to replace it

I knew she was leaving when she started ignoring me for her friends

She used to lie and tell me that her cycle was coming again

So as you all can see all good things usually come to an end

I didn’t wanna leave her so I tried to go back again

She already decided that other men was seeing her

I didn’t want to believe it, no not my Tina

I stormed out of the house but before I left I took one look back

I hope you die Tina for giving me this heart attack.