“How could you do this to me?! I thought what we had was true love, but now I see you’re just another b*tch”

It was around 2:30 in the afternoon, and Michael was preparing to leave after a long day of work. Richard began to approach Michael’s office.

“Long day at work Mike?” Richard said as he gave Michael a high-five.

“Yeah man. I’m just glad I got these reports done” Michael responded.

Michael was the first African-American male to become the top IT Specialist at the Proprietary Tech Systems Company, and he was also the youngest person to achieve such an honor at the age of 28. And Richard, Michael’s best friend since the 1st grade, worked in the same department with him.

“So what’s the moves for this evening, it’s Friday night and I’m trying to get a few beers in” Richard said.

“I can’t go tonight. I actually have something special planned for me and my lady this evening” Michael said as he grabbed the picture of Gina.

Michael and Gina have been friends for 10 years and have been dating for 5 years. Gina was an elegant female that had a graceful smile that could cheer up any human being. She was slim-thick with long black hair, light brown eyes, and her yellow skin was pure and soft and lit up like radiation from the Sun.

“Man it’s crazy how long you two been together. Are you going to pop that big question Mike?” Richard asked.

“Everything will happen in due time my friend, patience is key and will take you very far in this lifetime” Michael responded.

“All I know is you better do something quick before she leaves you alone and starts falling for another guy” Michael laughed.

“Me and Gina have a lot of history. I don’t believe she will throw away a five year relationship for some other guy. Plus we really love each other.”

“Yeah, you two give me hope that I will find someone out here that will love me unconditionally like you two have done over the years.”

“That’s what we need to do. We need to find you a beautiful woman Rich because you can’t be a man whore forever” Michael said laughing.

“Shut the hell up!” Richard said as he began to laugh. “What I do with my women is none of your business.”

As Michael and Richard continued to talk, the CEO of Proprietary Tech Systems walked into Michael’s office.

“Mike I need to see you in my office now!” said the CEO.

Michael became paranoid.

“Yes sir!” as he packed up his bag and walked to the CEO’s office.

So many thoughts ran through Michael’s head as he sat in the CEO’s office.

“Am I going to be fired? Am I going to be relocated to a different department? I really love the department I am in now, and I don’t want to leave.” Michael said to himself.

The CEO of the company walked into his office where Michael was sitting and slammed the door behind him. Michael began to sweat.

“Sir just let me-”

“Shut up Mike” the CEO interrupted.

The CEO was a very large African-American man, with round glasses and had a bald patch on the back of his head. The CEO took the seat at his desk across from Michael.

“Now I know you’re wondering why I called you into my office before you left today.” The CEO said as he began to rub his beard.

“Yes sir I just-”

“Let me finish talking Mike. I talk and you listen.” the CEO said as he interrupted Mike once again.

“I called you into my office because I have seen all of the hard work that you have provided this company over the last couple of years. You have taken this company to new heights and for that I wanted to thank you.”

“Well your-”

“I’m still not done Mike, you just can’t keep your mouth shut can you? Like I was saying, I wanted to thank you and reward you with a new position. I wanted to promote you to the Vice-President of Information Technology since Tom is leaving for another company.”

Michael suddenly became elated.

“Thank you for all you done at this company and I know you will continue to push the company forward in the future.” The CEO said.

Michael was still sitting in silence.

“Say something now Mike, don’t be a mute!”

“Thank you sir for this wonderful opportunity. I will not let you down in this new position.” Michael said as he shook the CEO’s hand.

“Mike, now you will need to find a replacement for your position just give me a name and I will promote that person immediately.”

Michael began to look around the office, and he began to think about giving his best friend, Richard, the position. Yet, he also felt that Richard was not ready to take on such a huge role because of his immaturity and lack of leadership.

“Boss you can give the position to Sam because I believe Sam will exemplify the leadership and maturity for that position, and he will be able to pick up right where I left off.” Michael said.

“Okay Mike I will call Sam into my office. You’re free to go now. Have a good day.”

Michael shook the CEO’s hand one more time, and he began to sprint out of the office with joy.

As Michael began to walk to his car he was stopped by Richard.

“So how did the meeting go? Did you get fired?” Richard said as he looked at Michael with a concerned look.

“I actually did not get fired, I got a promotion! I will be the new Vice-President of Information Technology!”

“That’s great man, I’m very happy for you! So who is going to take your old position? I hope it’s me.”

“Well I gave the old position to Sam. Not to say that you are bad brother, but Sam is just a perfect fit for the position.”

Richard began to look at Michael with a scowl.

“Are you okay man?” Michael asked as he opened the door to his car.

“Yeah I’m good man, I just need to go get something from the office. Have a good day brother.” Richard said as he gave Michael a high-five.

Michael hopped into his all black Camaro and he began to pull off.

Michael pulled up to his luxurious house which he built in his image. The house had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an outdoor pool, and a basketball court located on the left side of the house.

“I have to make sure I look my best for this date tonight. I have to make this very special for her” Michael said to himself as he began to prepare himself for the date.

Once he got out of the shower, he began to walk to his closet to pick out what he was going to wear that night. He knew that this date was going to be special for himself and Gina, so he decided that he was not going to wear something casual like jeans or anything, but decided to wear something more business casual.

“I’m going to go with this look right here. All Calvin Klein, I think Gina will like this” Michael said to himself.

Michael reached into his closet and pulled out his black cotton knit jacket, black shirt, black chinos, and black suede dress shoes. After finished brushing his teeth and trimming some of his facial hair, he began to put on his wardrobe. Michael felt like the flyest man on the planet as he began to admire himself in the mirror. Michael began brush his hair to make sure that his waves were on point, and he grabbed his Jay-Z Gold cologne and began to spray it over his body. Michael then went to put on his gold MVMT watch, and he put a small box into his back pocket. Michael looked over his wardrobe one last time in the mirror while he grabbed his black stunna shades as he headed for the door.

“I hope she is ready when I get there” Michael said to himself as he opened the door to his car.

He began to make his way to Gina’s house.


“What the hell am I supposed to wear?” as Gina dashed around the junky room.


As simple as Gina was, she felt as though that this night with Michael was very special. She wanted to look her best even though he seen her at her worse. But something about tonight was different. Sitting on the bed in her wet towel, Gina stared into her abyss of clothes.

“I have all these clothes and nothing to wear for a simple dinner. One, He never told me what type of restaurant we were going to. Will it be fancy? Should I wear heels or cute flats???” Gina said talking out loud to herself.

Gina began to go through her options.

“What happened to that cream dress? Nope, I gave that away to a friend. What about that Olive green dress….. Oh no that’s too clubish. ”

Gina continues to stare into the well-organized closet; but all of a sudden she remembers why she was having a hard time with finding the right outfit. The right music. She runs over to her laptop and puts on Pandora. Music began to blast out the speakers and with a smile Gina knew she was in the mood. After an hour of dancing and laying out different options, Gina was finally narrowed down her choices.

“So now I have the cute strappy black dress that I know Michael will love. But there is the light pink dress that makes my butt and boobs look good. Then it’s the burgundy dress that is very classy. I just don’t know where we are going!”

The idea crossed her mind, thinking about whether she should call Michael to get some details about the restaurant.

“I am just going to call him. But will he get mad? I know he just got off and is probably tired. But what will be he wearing? Oh gosh he better not wear that same light blue dress shirt that he wears thinking I like it. That shirt is not cute but I tell him he looks cute in it every time.”

Another hour goes by, Gina finally gets to her hair. Taking it section by section, she begins to press out her beautiful dark brown locks. Checking herself out in the mirror, she begin to get excited with this dinner with Michael. Reminiscing all the fun times they had together as friends then being together, it was a wonderful feeling. She knew that he loved her and she definitely loved him. And being able to spend quality time with him made everything better.

“Shit!” as the flat iron falls to the floor. “How the hell did I do that?” A long pink marked printed on her arm. “Damn, that is going to leave a bad mark.”

Next was her makeup. And was a process in itself was long. Having to make sure her face was moisturized and that she had the right foundation and concealer for the night time lighting and selfies was a must. Plus adding the highlighter and bush, everything had to be perfect.

“Woah! What lipstick am I wearing? No the question is, what dress am I wearing?”

Gina scurried over to the bed with her makeup fully blended, and she stared at her three options. This was always an issue, between clothes, shoes and lipstick everything had to be precise. But going through this three hour process every time she was going out with friends and Michael, became so overwhelming.

“I am just going to suck it up and were the black dress so I can wear my new bomb Mac ‘Lady Danger’ lipstick.”

Finally, she was able to squeeze into her size 2 dress and slip on her Steve Madden strappy heels, Gina could say that she was ready to go. But she had one last touch. The diamond earrings Michael gave her for their 2nd anniversary.

“All set. Now I wait.”

Not even two seconds later, Gina’s phone started to ring.

“Hello?…. Okay I am coming now.”


Michael admired Gina beauty as she came out of her house. He knew at that very moment that he was dating the most beautiful girl in the world. He ran up to greet her at the top of her steps.

“Damn babe you look gorgeous” Michael said as he began to look over Gina’s entire outfit.

“You don’t look too bad yourself either” Gina said as she looked up at Michael with a smile.

Michael kissed Gina’s soft lips.

“You ready to go now” Michael said as he flashed a smile at Gina.

“Yes, I’m ready but I wanna know where we are going Michael” Gina said.

“It’s a surprise babe. Trust me you will not be disappointed”

Michael walked Gina down her steps and towards his car. He held the door open for her as she took her seat on the passenger side, and Michael got in and they began ride off to their destination.


Richard through glass cup against his wall and watched it shatter.

“How could he do this to me! I am his best friend and he gives the job to someone else!”

Richard began to pace back and forth across the room.

“I have been there for him. Protected him. I was like his brother’s keeper. And he does this to me!”

Richard grabbed picture of him and Michael and took out his lighter. Richard proceeded to walk outside to his backyard and burn the picture of him and Michael, and he threw the picture to the ground.

“He always gets everything that he wants, he has the job, the house, the g-”

Richard flashed a smile over his face as he began to look into the flames and reminisce.

“I’m going to ruin his life. Michael will regret the day that he ever crossed me!”

Richard grabbed his cellphone and sent a text.


Michael and Gina pulled up to their destination, York Le Masa, which is the most expensive restaurant in town. Michael and Gina both got out of the car, and Michael walked over to pay for valet parking. As Michael was walking away, Gina received a text on her phone, and a look of depression came over her face.

“You ready to go in babe” Michael asked Gina with a smile on his face.

“Yea I’m ready” Gina said as she looked away from Michael’s face.

The couple began to walk into the restaurant and take their seats at their table. The waitress came over to take their order.

“Good evening, welcome to York Le Masa! Can I start you two off with something to drink.” the waitress said.

“I will take a water” Gina said.

“And I will take one as well” Michael said as he flashed a smile at the waitress.

“Okay I will be right back with your drinks.” the waitress said as she smiled at the couple.

Michael began to smile at Gina and admire her beauty. He began to think of how loyal she was to him over the years, and how she stuck with him through some very low points in his life. Michael knew that he was in love with Gina, and it was time to pop the question.

“Gina?” Michael said as reached as for Gina’s hand.

Gina gave Michael a smile as he looked at her in the eyes.

“We have been together for a long time now and even to this day everything seems so surreal. We have been through a lot of ups and downs in our relationship, and those ups and downs have turned into moments that we will remember forever. You are more than a friend to me you are my sunshine in the morning and my moon when it’s time for me to go to sleep.”

Gina became teary eyed.

“Gina I love you so much, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met and your presence makes me want to step up my game because I never want to lose you. It comes a time in a man’s life when he needs to take big steps, and now I will take the biggest step of them all.”

Michael got on one knee, and everyone in the restaurant became silent and turned their attention to Michael and Gina’s table. Michael pulled out a black box and revealed a diamond ring, and Gina began to cry.

“I want to give you the world baby which is why I ask your hand in marriage….will you marry me?”

Gina became very silent. Tears began to run down her face as she began to muster up words to say.

“Mike, you must realize that I love you very much, but I have not been very honest with you over these past few years.”

Michael had a confused look on his face.

“Mike I can’t marry you. I have been seeing your best friend Richard for 3 of the 5 years that we have been together. I have come to realize that I love him more than I love you.”

Gina’s words hit Michael like a ton of bricks. The local people within the restaurant where stunned at what they had just witnessed. Gina stormed out of the restaurant with tears running down her face.

Michael could not find the words to speak. A sense a of anger crept over him and he flipped the restaurant table over as he stormed out of the restaurant. Michael did not see Gina in sight as he walked to his car. Michael got in and slammed the door. Michael let out a loud scream.

“I just don’t believe it!” Michael said to himself.

“We were perfect! How could she do this to me?!”

Michael began to bang on his steering wheel with frustration.

“I am going to kill Richard” Michael said as he back out of the parking area of the restaurant and sped to Richard’s house.

Richard walked out on to his front porch and took a seat in one of his porch chairs. His phone began to ring, and he looked to see who was calling him. It was Gina.

“It’s been done. I am on my way to your house now honey” Gina said.

“Good see you soon babe” Richard said as he hung up the phone.

Richard took out a cigarette and he began to light it. A sadistic smile began to come across his face as he thought about the pain that Michael had to be going through because of Gina.

“Everyone gets what they deserve Mike” Richard whispered to himself.

A car pulled up in front of Richard’s house. He got up to see who was getting out of the car. Gina began to emerge from the Uber that she had taken from the restaurant. Richard began to walk off his porch and meet Gina in the driveway. She ran over and jumped his arms, and they began to make-out.

“I missed you Rich” Gina said as a smile came across her face.

Richard wiped away the tears from Gina’s face.

“You did what needed to be done to that backstabbing Mike. No need to keep living in a lie Gina. Mike got exactly what he deserved. Now we can live happily, just me and you.”

Richard and Gina began to walk inside Richard’s house. Richard began to hug Gina from behind and kiss her neck. Gina turned around, and the two began to make-out again. Richard scooped Gina off her feet and put her up against the wall. Richard began to hear the screeching of tires in the distance.

“It’s nothing babe come back to me” Gina said as Richard put her down. Richard ran to the window and he seen as Mike’s car was parked in the middle of the street with the driver’s door still open.

“Where is he?” Richard said to himself.

Michael came bursting through the back door of Richard’s house.

“Richard!!” Michael screamed out.

Michael walked into the room where Gina and Richard were in.

“What are you doing here Mike!?” Gina said as she tried to straighten out her clothes.

“Shut the hell up!” Mike said with force.

“How could you do this to me?! I thought what we had was true love, but now I see you’re just another b*tch. I came here to beat his ass.”

Mike began to charge at Richard. Richard reached under his couch and pulled out a gun. Michael stopped in his tracks. He stared down the barrel of Richard’s gun.

“Is this how you want it to end Mike?! You can’t really be this stupid to just run up in my house trying to confront me!” Richard said

Michael put his hands up.

“All I want to know is why did you do this to me Richard. We are friends-”

“News Flash!” Richard interrupted.“We never been friends Mike. I envied you ever since we met. Every time I look at you I get sick to my stomach. You are the golden boy Mike. You always get what you want. Promotions, the house, the girl, and when you finally get the chance to give me an opportunity, you give it to somebody else!”

Michael moves closer to Richard.

“You weren’t qualified for the position Rich! If you would-”

“Shut the hell up Mike. You knew I was qualified for that position. You always get what you want. Until now. I proved that you don’t always get what you want Mike. Your own girl doesn’t even want you anymore. She is calling someone else daddy now.”

Michael became enraged and charged at Richard. He threw a right-hand which connected Richard jaw, and sent him flying to the floor. Michael kicked the gun across the floor, and he jumped on top of Richard and started to raining down punches.

“Stop it! Stop hitting him Mike!” Gina said.

Michael turned his head to Gina.

“Shut up Gina!” Mike replied.

As Mike had his head turned, Richard elbowed Michael under his chin and changed the momentum. Mike began to cover his face as Richard began to rain down punches on him. Richard got up to try and go for his gun, but Michael tackled him in front of the gun. The two of them began to wrestle over control of the gun.

“Stop it you two!” Gina cried out.

POW! The gunshot had a loud ripple effect throughout Richard’s house. A loud thud resounded throughout the house as the body hit the floor. The room became silent.

“What did you do?!?”

Mike began to look over Gina’s lifeless body. He checked to see if she still had a pulse.

“She’s dead” Michael said as he began to cry over Gina’s body.

Sirens was heard in the distance. Richard began lift himself off the ground. He grabbed his gun and pointed it at Mike.

“Richard we have to do something!” Mike said as he got off the floor and put his hands up.

“There is nothing we can do Mike. Only one of us can make it out of this situation.”

“We have to help her somehow Richard! If we can jus-”

“I never cared about that hoe Michael. She was just a pawn. All she was good for was being a bottom feeder.”

Michael charged at Richard again, but Richard unloaded a gunshot in Michael’s body. Michael body hit the ground with a loud thud.

“Goodbye my friend” Richard said as he dropped the gun and headed towards his front door.

As Richard opened his front door, dozens of police cars began to surround his house. Richard was stunned at the amount of police that was around his house.

“Come on down! We have the place surrounded!” the cop said over his megaphone.

Richard tried to turn and run, but as he turned around he was tackled by Michael, and the two fell off of the porch. The police ran up and surrounded both men. The police held Richard under arrest, while an ambulance was called for Michael. As Michael was loaded into the back of the ambulance, he began to think about Gina, whose body was being loaded into a body bag. He began to shed tears as he thought about how much he still loved her even though she was gone. Michael locked eyes with Richard as he was being put into the back seat of the police car. Michael saw the look of disdain on Richard’s face watching him as the police car began to fade away into the night.