I always thought I was just an average human being that would make no impact on this world. I began to wonder about what was God’s plan for me here on Earth, and I just could not find what my vocation was supposed to be. I began to watch as some of my friends began to record videos and post poems on social media to deliver their messages, and I just thought that was a fantastic idea. I began to wonder how I could reach people, but in a different manner than recording videos and posting poems on social media. I always had a dream of being able to help people through my words of encouragement and stories and I think I finally found a way to do just that. During the summer of last year, I began to craft the concept of my book called the Power of Values.

Here is a short description of my book: “Knowing your values is the most important thing that most people never do. Without values to guide and direct us, we as humans, can become stagnant with no direction in life. Before discovering what my values were, I was on a path that had no direction and no purpose. I was stationary; I did not know what my vocation or calling was until my senior year of high school when I went on my second Kairos retreat. Kairos means the “opportune time” and it gave us as students the chance to contemplate God’s role in our lives. This retreat really changed my life because it helped me find my calling in life which is to help people become the best person that they can be. The Power of Values will help you find your values and path in life through personal stories, lessons learned, and and application of those lessons in my own life. Finding the right path in life is so difficult that many people drift aimlessly for years before discovering their purpose, my aim is to to keep that from happening to you.”

I am asking everyone to please support my dream and help me reach hundreds and hundreds of people all around the world.

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Thank you all and God Bless!